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Add Elegance, Not Cost, with Beaded Back Panels

Nothing replicates the exquisite glamour of a handcrafted woodwork made by experts trained in the craft. Well, almost nothing, that is, except for Harvest Oak Manufacturing’s line of beaded back panels. Beaded back panels can be used for wall paneling, cabinet doors and cabinet backers or anywhere you wish to replicate the tongue-and-groove appearance of fine woodwork.

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Matching beaded back panels give cabinets a wood finish versus laminate or other artificial surfaces often found in interiors. They are also less time consuming and less costly to install than tongue-and-groove finishes. Harvest Oak Manufacturing’s line of beaded back panels come in two sizes: 48 by 96 inches and 48 by 34 ¼ inches. The panels come in a variety of colors, including oak, maple/birch, hickory, cherry, white, alder and beech. As always, customer also can customize their color choice, as well.

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