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Decorative Moulding Speaks Volumes

The moulding in your home says everything about your sense of taste and style. When simple cuts and angles aren’t detailed enough, it is time to consider decorative moulding. Depending on the path you choose to take with decorative moulding, you could send your home back in time.

Decorative moulding is used to fill the space between your cabinets and walls. Instead of using traditional moulding, these products give your kitchen a classical architectural look. Decorative moulding serves as a visually appealing way to cover transitions between surfaces while giving designers, contractors and homeowners a chance to interject personal taste into any project.

We at Harvest Oak Manufacturing carry a wide selection of hand-carved mouldings available in an array of colors and finishes for every design and décor theme. Each design has its own story to tell, as well.

For example, our egg-and-dart moulding is reminiscent of the ovolo moulding found on the Ionic capital is found in Ancient Greek architecture at the Erechtheion temple, and it was used by the Romans, as well. The theme also had been common in neoclassical architecture.

Harvest Oak Manufacturing also offers two types of dentil moulding. Dentils – the word “dentil” stems from the Latin word “dens,” or “tooth” – are small blocks used as repeating ornaments in a variety of architectural elements, including moulding. Dentil moulding most commonly uses rectangular blocks evenly spaced, projecting underneath the cornice of a roofline or appearing in ceilings, furniture or built-ins.

Dentils are linked to Greek and Roman architecture, as well as later styles like Neoclassicism, Renaissance Revival and Second Empire. Our dentil moulding is available in block and pyramid styles.

We also manufacture rondel moulding, which is a hand-carved, circular design that forms like a braid or connected circles. Bordered bead moulding also is available for a rounded design theme. Ribbon twists are commonly used as inserts to complement classic crown moulding, as well.

All of Harvest Oak Manufacturing’s decorative mouldings are available in a variety of colors: maple/birch, cherry, white and any customized hue conceivable through our partnership with Sherwin-Williams.

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