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Decorative Post Feet Make a Chic Difference

The feet of the wood accouterments of a home are often overlooked. Decorative Post Feet make a chic difference in any type of setting. However, there’s no reason not to spruce up this section of your woodwork with decorative elements from Harvest Oak Manufacturing.

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Our line of decorative post feet includes:
• Bunn feet – These wooden furniture feet add a decorative accent to your furniture. Benn Feet are available in turned, shaker style, triangular corner, mission style, Greek, reversible, square, reed, turned, spiral turned and tulip.
• Carved legs – Decorative carved legs add a design accent to your cabinetry. They are available in a variety of colors and styles, including Queen Anne, acanthus, ball & claw, traditional, and French.
• Corner posts – These pieces fill space and continue a design there where a full column cannot fit. Corner posts are available in acanthus, grape and traditional styles. They can be purchased in a variety of colors, as well, including oak, cherry, rubberwood, maple/birch and alder.
• Foot pedestals – These give the appearance of support, but foot pedestals are really for decorative purposes only.
• Island leg posts – These decorative posts can be applied to a cabinet face or stand alone to support a countertop, peninsula or center kitchen island. They are available in a variety of styles, including taper, shaker, square modern, stacked modern, square Greek, turned acanthus/fluted and fluted corner modern.
• Decorative posts – These can be used purely for decorative purposes, or as supports for your cabinets and islands. You can purchase them in colonial, fluted, gun barrel, rope, mission, wood, turned, reed, rounded Doric, fluted turned, hand carved acanthus and tapered styles.

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