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Harvest Oak Brings Luxury Wood Range Hoods to Market

Harvest Oak Manufacturing prides itself on the variety of moulding products it offers for a variety of applications in the homebuilding industry. Harvest Oak Brings Luxury Wood Range Hoods to Market from Stanisci Design.

Since our humble beginnings as a family-owned and operated manufacturer of these finishes, Harvest Oak Manufacturing has partnered with other vendors to bring countless complementary products to our clients. We have the capabilities to match finishes, stains and paints to new or existing kitchen cabinetry, walls coverings and other elements through our partnership with Sherwin-Williams and their custom color match section.

Luxury Wood Hood Stanisci Deisgn

One partnership Harvest Oak Manufacturing has forged is with Stanisci Design, manufacturers of high-end, wood range hoods and valances for kitchen professionals, dealers, distributors and OEMs throughout the United States and Canada. For the last eight months, Harvest Oak Manufacturing has received unfinished Stanisci products, allowing us to match stains and paints to the rest of a kitchen’s elements.

Although Harvest Oak Manufacturing has started working with the company just recently, the ownership and management team have worked with the company for 10 years, placing them ahead of the demand for wooden range hoods. was singing the praises of wood range hoods as early as 2012, and the look has withstood the test of time as homeowners value their rustic aesthetic.

Stanisci Design offers numerous models. The A Series hoods features a mantle hood with a display niche and a large crown mantle shelf. The bead board panel can be removed for ventilation installation. Constructed from solid wood and veneer core plywood, the recess in the A Series can hold Hafele halogen light bars.

B Series hoods can be ordered in many different styles and can be built as wide as 5 feet. This Stanisci hood can be ordered with a hardwood base, decorative base or a stainless baffle base. For the D Series, Stanisci Design utilizes graceful lines to create a sense of elegance in any kitchen it adorns.

Stanisci’s E Series is the top of the line. These hoods feature sloping curves and can be ordered with classical or simple mouldings. This hood has a veneer delete option for customers planning to plaster the top portion of the hood. A decorative metal banding option also is available from Stanisci Design.

The G Series offers a classic a design that complements numerous kitchen styles. These hoods are designed to give customers flexibility to meet design goals.

The H and W series are similar in that they do not have columns extended to the countertops. The H Series features a classic mantle design, while the W Series is constructed from solid wood and veneer core plywood to mimic cooking hearths for a rustic feel.

For kitchens that house islands, Stanisci’s I Series of hoods serve this market. The hood delivers an elegant statement over an island range application.

One of Stanisci’s latest additions to its line is the L Series hood, which is a hearth style that comes with a display niche and a large crown mantle shelf.

The M Series is one of Stanisci’s most popular product lines. This is because adding pilasters and corbels below the hood can create a completely different look, making the M Series a perfect complement to many kitchen designs.

Stanisci’s Z Series features a curved range hood designed to fit between cabinets or be installed as a standalone piece. The front slope of this hood adds a sense of beauty to any kitchen.

For customers with specific needs, Stanisci Design can manufacture a range hood from submitted drawings. For those who are unsure which ventilation option will work for their project, Harvest Oak Manufacturing has customer service representatives at the ready. Stanisci, in addition to the hoods offers internal, in-line and remote ventilation options, and blowers that range from 350 to 1,500 cubic feet per minute.

For those interested in ordering a Stanisci wood hood, the lead time is 20 business days – double the standard lead times for our mouldings and designer accessories. Stanisci Design also uses the standard frame and panel choices rather than matching specific cabinetry lines – something else to consider when making an order.

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