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Harvest Oak Inspired Accents Moulding Program

Why piecemeal a home’s mouldings and accents configuration when award-winning experts can do it for you? Through Harvest Oak Manufacturing’s Inspired Accents Moulding Program we have assembled our most popular configurations created by our decorated design team to give customer the designer looks they seek without the designer cost.

Through stacking, several complementary stock profiles are joined to create mouldings with a custom look at for an off-the-shelf price. Stacking also further customizes kitchen designs, setting your clients’ kitchens apart from what other retail kitchen shops can offer. Like it’s other product lines, Harvest Oak Manufacturing’s stacked mouldings are available in a variety of colors including oak, maple/birch, hickory, cherry, white, alder and beech. Colors also can be customized upon request.

Design styles also vary based on customer preferences. Our packages include modern shaker, retro deco, Tuscan, metro impression, streamline modern, Provance, circa, clean contempo, concept classic, country club, English manor and stately elegance. The streamline modern – also known as streamline moderne or art moderne – style has a particularly interesting background. It is a style known for curving forms, long horizontal lines and sometimes nautical elements. For those seeking rounded edges and horizontal grooves or lines, this is the package for you.

Modern shaker, on the other hand, is as simplistic as possible. The Shakers are an offshoot of the Quakers, and their decorating style is best known for its clean lines, unadorned forms and practical applications. To find more information about our Inspired Accents Moulding Program as well as our other products, call 517-781-4016, or download our product catalog at the top of our page.