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Trends in Crown Moulding for 2017 and Beyond

When Jamie Brock first entered the moulding business 21 years ago, his predecessors told him paint would prove to be a passing fad. Now that Jamie runs his own startup – Harvest Oak Manufacturing – paint is as popular as ever, and he sees no end in sight for the use of paint and stains on kitchen cabinetry and related products like moulding.

“Paint is paint – it’s always gone up and never gone down,” Brock said. “I was told in my first year that paint was a fad and that would die. But it’s as big today as it has ever been.”

white crown moulding molding harvest oak manufacturing

The hot colors for moulding these days are black and white and every shade in between. Espresso is a popular option, as are most variations of white – off white, gray and even eggshell.

“Everything else falls in between,” Brock said.

Since Harvest Oak Manufacturing matches our products to the cabinets of OEMs, whatever is trending for them is trending for us. That’s how we stay up to date with the industry standards – we deliver what end users demand. And Harvest Oak Manufacturing can match any color on cabinets through Sherwin-Williams’ ColorSnap®.

With so many colors, finishes and materials to choose from, it’s understandable that homeowners and contractors alike may get overwhelmed by the multitude of options. Designers throughout the United States agree that painted moulding can add depth to the aesthetic of any kitchen, but the method has to be executed precisely for the desired effect.

According to The Spruce, a home life website, designers are experimenting with even more colors – not just traditional black and white. The Spruce contributor Diana Hathaway Timmons suggests using a slightly glossier formula for trim paint for increased durability and distinction.

HGTV suggests painting your crown moulding the same color as the wall, but in a semigloss enamel finish. Doug Davis of Tracery Interiors said on the network’s blog this will make a room feel larger with a sleek and sophisticated touch. Alternatively, white crown molding adds much-needed contrast to dark rooms.

As for materials, maple is the wood that is most in demand, followed closely by oak and cherry. The choice of wood often is determined by the overall style of the cabinets the end user desires. Whether the cabinets are shaker or more traditional, Harvest Oak Manufacturing carries moulding applications that fit both styles. Once again, Sherwin-Williams can aid in matching the wood finishes of an end user’s cabinets to their desired moulding.

And as we mentioned in our previous post, customer demand for wood range hoods is as strong as ever, as well.

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