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Chair Rails Give Walls New Life

Chair rails once served a simple purpose, to keep chair backs from leaving marks on the walls people inevitably bump them into. Today, however, chair rails give homeowners another opportunity to show their unique tastes in décor and design. Chair rails are a visually appealing way to protect walls from chair scraping, and they are available in a variety of styles and materials from Harvest Oak Manufacturing.

Chair Rail, Dado rail, Harvest Oak Manufacturing

Chair rail, also known as a dado rail, is a type of moulding installed horizontally to the wall and around the perimeter of a room. Since it wraps around the entire perimeter, chair rail also can extend into adjoining rooms to tie an entire level of a home together. Traditionally part of the wainscot, chair rail today is typically installed around 36 inches versus the the usual 24 inches. Once used almost exclusively on plaster walls as protection from wayward chairs, today chair rails are used on walls of all types as a decorative piece.

Often, a chair rail is used as a border for different wall coverings above and below it. Homeowners often use chair rail as a go-between two contrasting paints. The chair rail itself can serve as the contrast when painted, as well. Adding chair rail to a room typically can be viewed as a weekend project for a seasoned do-it-yourselfer, and a much quicker turnaround for a professional contractor.

Harvest Oak’s chair rails are available in three distinct styles, traditional, rounded and batten moulding traditional. Each rail type can be built in a variety of colors, including oak, maple/birch, hickory, cherry, white, alder and beech, as well as customized options. If you are looking to change things up with their walls, chair rails offer an instant splash of class to any room of a home. For designers who can’t decide between two ideas on how to touch up their walls, chair rails are the perfect solution to implement both aesthetics. To find more information about our chair rails and all our products, call 517-781-4016, or visit

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